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MARGARET LLOIEND - played by Brigitte Ashley

Brigitte Ashley (Margaret)
Brigitte Ashley playing Margaret in Happy Holidays

Brigitte Ashley (Margaret Lloiend) is currently a Junior level Theatre Major at Chapman University. She was born in Seattle Washington and lived in the town of Bellevue Wa. until relocating to Orange to attend school nearly two years ago.

Back in Seattle she was a company member of It's a Mystery Inc., a theatre production company that performs murder mystery shows on the Spirit of Washington dinner train. Along with perform ing as a member of the dinner theatre, she also stage managed an interactive Mafia Musical called "Fugedaboudit."

Brigitte is very passionate about theatre and the arts, and she hopes to make a career for herself as an actress. Along with acting she has also written several short comedic scenes including one that will be performed at Chapman University in an upcoming student Performing arts showcase!

Brigitte loves traveling and has been all over Europe, Egypt and the United States with her family. These adventures have instilled a great sense of adventure, patience, and character in Brigitte, not to mention humor “sometimes you need that humor aspect in order to make it through those tough spots in an Ashley family vacation.

Brigitte is a very free spirited and happy person who is curious about life and places that it will take her. She is excited to be a part of Happy Holidays and is anxious to see the journey unfold.


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