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Devon Marcel Clark III - JAKE

Devon Marcel Clark III - Jake Lloyd
Devon Marcel Clark III - Jake Lloyd

Devon Marcel Clark III (Jake Lloyd) grew up in Plum Borough, Pa which is a suburb of the olden day steel town Pittsburgh. At an early age he was intrigued with the characters that he saw in movies and his vast imagination led him to many day time imaginary play sessions. As he grew up he was also very

athletic and was a star soccer player. At the age of 14 he was playing on three different soccer teams and traveling all over eastern united states. In high school he played varsity soccer and was asked to be on an Olympic Development soccer team. It was also in his high-school years that he was introduced to theatre. He had a hard time juggling rehearsals with his demanding soccer schedule and decided to quit the Olympic Development team to participate more in theatre. He starred in numerous highschool plays including The Wizard of Oz playing the comedic character of Scarecrow.

After high-school he went to Penn State University where he decided to study Business Management and Logistics to eventually follow in his fathers footsteps as a business owner. During this time he continued acting and was cast in a small role in the New York Film Festival Comedy winner "Speilburg." This was his first film experience and feel in love with film. One week after finishing his sophomore year at Penn State he decided that acting was his passion and picked up and moved to LA. He began studying different methods of acting intensively at The Actors Edge Academy and is currently a member of The Groundlings School of Improv. Since being in LA he has landed numerous Starring and Supporting roles in films, a couple TV guest stars, and a National Commercial. He has a very bright future ahead of him and he is on the right track to success!


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