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"Hello World" - happy holidays film

The staff at Happy Holidays and ABSTRACTcore would like to thank all of our new visitors! This means you India, Australia, Japan, UK... even you in South America, and how could we forget our friendly neighbors to the North, CANADA ay!

As you can all see, we are putting enormous effort into this website and most of us are volunteering our time and energy to make this film a success! We have managed to keep the site ad free and completely focused. We love your support, and just having you here makes all the difference :)

So tell your friends about the film, show off the podcasts, write us an email, make a comment on one of these articles, pitch in and donate buck or two if you've got it! Most importantly, keep visiting us as we create Happy Holidays!

Hello world!

Hello World! These are all of the new aCore Happy Holidays visitors after just one week going live with the new website...


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