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  • Sassy Mohen

Looking Back: Podcast #0

Thus starts the blog, "What this podcast means to me." By S.Mohen

"This might be my favorite podcast out of the bunch. Well, they all are...but this one especially. Why? Because we had no idea what the hell we were doing.

Behind our two sleepy faces were two kids totally clueless to what lay ahead, or quite frankly how to make a feature film. Also we had no concept about what putting something on the internet meant. It meant everyone would see it, meaning you should probably shower before stepping in front of the lens. And neither of us had considering we had stayed up until 5AM trying to finish the second part of the podcast. Note in later podcasts where we both look groomed and somewhat stylish.

A funny thing about this, how Dillon asks what his position is since both of us were doing 10 jobs and were clueless as to any titles. I think it was the fact that we really didn't know what we were doing that gave us the ability to do it. I mean we knew how to make films, I new how to direct, but there's no prep for assembling a project this large without just doing it.

Another part I like about the second half of this is when Colin says "That's really nice" I think our friend Adam was making vulgar hand gestures at him. And of course Nathan...shirtless...

Here the way it was, two kids with some support standing in front of a huge mountain with no food, supplies or map. Both turn to each other being like, "You down to climb it?" the other, "Totally."


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