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Happy Holidays Film Synopsis

A still from Happy Holidays, a 2007 film by writer/director Sassy Mohen with music by Ludwig Göransson.
Mary Fae Smith as Clarissa Ryder & Jeff Whitlatch as Thomas Levy

After moving to California for college to pursue her art, Clarissa Ryder (Mary Fae Smith) returns home for the winter holidays only to be confronted by her first love & muse Thomas Levy (Jeff Whitlatch,) both encouraged by their high-school friends John Maher (Michael Sasso) & Margaret (Brigitte Ashley.) Their flame is quickly rekindled but overshadowed by the presence of Clarissa’s new California boyfriend and unartistic pillar of support Charles (Robert Walters.)

Seven years later, Clarissa returns home once again, even more lost than before and this time accompanied by now fiance Charles. Unsure where to go next in her career and future, Clarissa is tempted by Thomas, John & Margaret to fall back into an all too familiar love triangle, forcing her to realize if she really wants to pursue her love of painting, can she be with either men?


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