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Happy Holidays Film: Statement of Intent

Happy Holidays began in May 2006 and was slated as the first feature length presentation by Sassy Mohen (Junior, Chapman University). From the very beginning it was an ambitious proposition, not only is Sassy and the rest of the Happy Holiday's crew and cast full-time students, none of them have pulled something like this off before. In fact, part of what makes Happy Holidays special is the "stop at nothing" approach that has kept it alive for the past seven months. A project like this is hard enough for a studio with infrastructure and experience, but students without money and limited resources have never come so far on their own. Happy Holidays continues to struggle forward and has no intention of giving up. While some podcast episodes have been cut and resources have been squeezed the core project marches forward. The show must go on and your support, interest, word of mouth, and monetary contributions are keeping us alive.

Thanks for your continued support, from Happy Holidays, ABSTRACTcore, the entire aM network and everyone working on the project.


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