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Director/Writer - Sassy Mohen

Sassy Mohen - Writer/Director
Sassy Mohen - Writer/Director of Happy Holidays

Sassy Mohen (Writer/Director) was born in New York on October 17, 1986. At age six, her family moved to Washington D.C.. After numerous visits to see her father working at CNN in the early 90's, she expressed an interest in learning more about television and filmmaking. Soon she enrolled in a television production workshop and continued to take different levels of the program throughout high school.

In 1997, she was accepted into H-B Woodlawn; a small school for grades six through twelve. At HB, the individual takes precedent over the masses, and S. Mohen attributes much of her artistic drive to her small school experience. Upon entering seventh grade, she became more interested in directing than acting. At twelve years old she was given the opportunity to be the assistant director of the high school musical, "The Music Man." The following year she was the assistant director for "Camelot." Toward the end of eighth grade she directed her first play, "Murder on the Nile," and continued to direct plays throughout high school, including: "Bell, Book and Candle," "The Diary of Anne Frank," "Moonchildren," and "Book of Days."

While directing plays, she also started working for KIDZ Online; an online news production company geared towards teenagers. After winning VICA awards for her news pieces, she decided to go bigger. At fifteen she wrote her first feature film titled, "Almost There." During the summer of 2003, her principal gave her free reign over H-B where she shot another feature, "Everyone's Lie." For her senior project she wrote another feature film, "Trying." In addition to all of her film endeavors, she also organized and ran the HB Woodlawn Film Festival for two years in a row.

Realizing that Washington D.C. had little to offer a filmmaker, S. Mohen chose to move across country to Southern California. After her first year of attending Chapman University, she began to write a script called "Happy Holidays" during her free time. After another year of encouragement from her friends and family, Sassy decided to take on the nearly impossible task of directing a feature film at age 19. Despite all of the hardships involved in the project, she is excited to give everyone who has helped a movie that will not only benefit their career's but their lives as well.


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