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David Streit - Gaffer

David Streit - Gaffer
David Streit - Gaffer of Happy Holidays

David Streit (Gaffer) spent the first decade of his life on the eastern coast of this great nation we like to the United States. Upon the end of that wholesome, yet, overwhelmingly boring period in his history, David relocated to the great California. Slowly wandering outside the mental boundaries of what most simple minded people seemed so inclined to live within, David began to let go of his traditional roots and began to fly aimlessly through the moral trials and tribulations of middle school and the infamous high school.

In those later years of early self discovery, David began to find an unrelenting interest in movies and theater; which later morphed into movies and music as he began to teach himself drums, guitar, bass, and most recently keyboard. In the last two years of valuable life experiences featuring multiple priceless lessons in death, life, pain, joy, and moderation, David has excelled in Chapman University as well as worked on numbers of sets including his most recent concert film "Animatronics live in Bekin's Hall". David is also an active musician who plays in multiple musical projects which vary in style from psychedelic jazz to alternative electronica. On Happy Holidays David's position was different every day. Most of the time his was a Grip/Gaffer or part of the Sound Department.


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