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THOMAS LEVY - played by Jeff Whitlatch

Jeff Whitlatch (Thomas Levy)
Jeff Whitlatch (Thomas Levy)

Jeff Whitlatch (Thomas Levy) is left-handed Junior level Film Major who is currently attending Chapman University. He was born and raised in West Frankfort, Illinois and moved to Orange to attend Chapman University in 2004.

He began in church and school plays, and was acting in college productions by the age of 8. In high school, Jeff ventured out into other forms of performance off the stage. In 2002, he studied at Chicago’s Second City for writing and improvisation. In 2003, Jeff began working in animation voiceovers, playing the Rex the alligator in the trailer for the CG movie “Noah’s Ark.”

Although acting is his primary focus and goal as a future career, Jeff is studying film in order to learn the trade inside and out. He also enjoys screenwriting and directing on occasion.

Jeff’s interests outside of acting and filmmaking include music and sports. He enjoys singing and has been playing the piano and trombone from an early age. He also picked up guitar and mandolin in high school. He enjoys soccer, track and field, and plays a mean ping pong. Jeff also finds interest in automobiles, and currently works for an automotive research company in Orange.

Jeff is a generally laid back guy and enjoys joking around 86% of the time. He respects self-reliance and personal responsibility. He has a very moderate view on religion and politics, and enjoys discussing both (in the right setting, of course).


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